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Floor Strip And Wax Services Gulfport & Biloxi

When was the last time your facility had its floors stripped and waxed? Has it been a couple of months or has it been a couple of years? Floors are often neglected; we walk all over them… literally. They take daily abuse and what you may not realize is that your floors are actually an investment. You should protect your investment. A floor that’s been neglected for too long could end up in a state that’s beyond repair and the cost of replacing a floor is far more than the cost to maintain one properly.


The obvious result of stripping and waxing a floor is achieving a finish with the desired luster, which gives your building a feeling of cleanliness. The less-obvious reasons are more practical; stripping and waxing removes dirt and grime that the floor collects. The process creates a barrier between the floor and anything that can damage them. This protective layer also helps reduce the chances of the floor being damaged and warped by moisture or water damage.

The stripping and waxing process also helps improve floor maintenance. The coating left after waxing will protect the floor from wear, dirt accumulation or scratches. This is all thanks to the polymers in the finish that create an invisible layer on your floors’ surface, which protects it by providing a lubricant between two objects rubbing together, such as furniture or other heavy materials, against your floor.

Ultimately, you’ll improve the endurance of your floor’s finish, especially in high-traffic areas.


The frequency with which you should strip and wax your floor is mainly determined by the level of wear on it; however, it is recommended that you strip and wax your facilities floors once or twice per year.

Schools, for example, should strip and wax their floors during the Summer and Winter breaks. School floors receive a high amount of foot traffic and can experience some of the most wear-and-tear, therefore those floors should be maintained regularly.

If your facility’s floors receive as much foot traffic as a school, or is subject to heavy wear-and-tear, you should consider a regular stripping and waxing schedule. In general, floors should be stripped and waxed annually or every six to twelve months for heavy-traffic commercial spaces, such as restaurants or retail stores. This will help make sure your floor stays looking its best!


Depending on the size of the area that’s being stripped and waxed, most floors can be completed in a day. Some larger projects, like schools, can sometimes take weeks to complete, which is why these projects are typically completed during the Summer and Winter recesses.

Overall, when using a chemical stripping agent, the stripping process takes about fifteen minutes to sit before applying agitation to the floors. After the wax has been applied, it will cure overnight and can be used the next day.

In more delicate locations, like a hospital or nursing home, a low-odor stripping agent should be used. Hospitals and nursing homes often require more time to strip and wax their floors because the process is done by stripping and waxing one half of the floor at a time, so the patient rooms can still be used.

Floors are a big investment and should be taken care of to maintain their beauty. If you’re not sure about what steps you should take to maintain your floors, then contact us today! We’ll come and inspect them so we can give you some advice on what type of work will be needed to get those floors looking great again.

Give us a call at 228-326-6368 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about stripping and waxing your floors or click here to learn more about us.

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