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When is it time to change cleaning services

If you're unhappy with the cleaning company that currently cleans your office, you're not alone. Unfortunately, working with some bad contractors can easily lead to discouragement and the assumption that there are no better alternatives.

Needless to say, the cleaning services market is often crowded and confusing, making it easy to accept the average or substandard cleaning services you are accustomed to.

However, even if workplace cleanliness is generally not your top priority, you should not accept the mediocrity of commercial cleaning services.

Believe it or not, it is not impossible to find an affordable and responsive company that provides excellent cleaning services.

If you're still not convinced, take a look at these 6 signs. It's time to start looking for a new cleaning service.

1) Slow Response

Availability is the best skill. So if the cleaning service is not available when you need it, or is simply not communicated with, it is a legitimate issue. Sure, mistakes happen and all businesses have busy times, but if your Gulf Coast cleaning company doesn't respond quickly to service requests, your property will cost you upkeep. If this problem occurs regularly, the cleaning service is stuck between rocks. Either you live with slow response times, or you spend an inordinate amount of time micromanaging. Neither option seems good, so it may be time to switch cleaning services.

2) Their service isn't worth the price

No matter how big or small your cleaning budget is, you deserve what you pay for. You don't need to ask for good service, nor do you need to regularly notify cleaning companies to do their job properly. When you receive a bill from a cleaning company, do you feel you get your money's worth? Or do you look around your facility and feel that the results don't match the bill? If the latter, consider switching. please.

3) Poor or Inconsistent Work

You can rest assured that the cleaning service will bill you consistently, so shouldn't you expect consistent service from the cleaning service? It is not difficult to determine when the janitor's performance has deteriorated. Maybe you regularly miss a spot when vacuuming or streaking a window. It may look like the entire room has been left untouched. If you notice these issues, your employees and customers will notice too. Don't keep paying for poorly performing cleaning services. It's that simple.

4) They Live in the Past

Cleaning these days isn't as easy as having a mop and bucket handy. There's actually a lot of science behind what janitors do on a daily basis. Janitors must undergo general and industry-specific training to effectively clean the facility. The more trained the cleaning service staff are, the better they can do their job. Proper training includes best practices, safe storage and use of chemicals, and effective cleaning strategies. When cleaning services treat their employees like professionals and don't provide regular training, they are living in the past. Don't settle for outdated cleaning methods and standards. If your current cleaning service is not up to par, you should consider finding a company that is up to par.

5) Lost Trust

Trust is earned every time the facility is cleaned. Even if a cleaning company has provided excellent service for years, it can lose credibility when its performance starts to decline. Every situation is unique. Perhaps they aren't as responsive as they used to be, or the quality of their work isn't what it should be. Regardless of the reason, the end result is the same. In other words, you lose confidence. If this has happened to you and you don't mind mending the relationship, it's time to say goodbye.

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