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Questions To Ask Commercial Cleaning Companies

Before signing a contract with a commercial cleaning company, make sure you have done your research to find the ideal partner. Visiting their website, reading reviews, and comparing deals are great ways to learn more about commercial cleaning businesses, but there's one more thing you need to do. It's about asking questions.

Any cleaning service looks great on paper, but your business has unique needs that deserve to be met. By asking a few tough questions, you'll find out which cleaning company is worthy of your business.

Evaluate requirements and expectations

Before you start preparing questions for your commercial cleaner, you need to set some expectations. What do you expect from a cleaning service? How often do you want your office cleaned? And what kind of service do you need? What do you think is the difference between good service and bad service?

With these expectations and requirements, you can not only ask better questions, but also evaluate the answers you get.

Questions about commercial cleaning companies

We have grouped these questions into several categories:

Equipment and cleaning products

If you don't want your janitor to use cheap, ineffective cleaning chemicals and supplies, ask your janitor what they use. How safe is the cleaning agent you are using?

Can you provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with this information?

Do you use environmentally friendly products?

Who provides all cleaning supplies and paper products?

FYI, eco-friendly products should not cost extra and the cleaning company should provide all the necessary equipment. A good cleaning company understands the importance of providing quality service with safe products and quality equipment.


When you sign a contract, you are bound by what you sign. Make sure you understand what a cleaning service is. Also, in some cases, additional cleaning services beyond the contract may be required. While you may not know if or when you will need these services, it is wise to ask prospective cleaning companies what they offer.

Does your company provide daily cleaning?

Can your company provide services according to the schedule we requested?

What other services do you offer?

How much do these additional services cost?

Licensing and insurance

Find a reputable company that won't expose your business to insurance problems. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, so make sure the cleaning company you choose is licensed and insured.

Are you properly licensed?

Are you registered with the State of Mississippi?

Could you show me your COI?

Recruitment Policy

If you hire a commercial cleaner, give them access to your property. It is valuable to know how the company screens its employees during the hiring process.

Are all employees drug tested?

Do you do a full criminal background check?

Do you prohibit workers from smoking on customer premises?

Are Workers Evaluated Regularly?

If these recruitment guidelines are important to you, be sure to review them.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Offices and other commercial spaces are full of hiding places for germs, so a safe and healthy environment is essential.

Are you up to date with the latest disinfection procedures?

What quality standards do you maintain?

Is the cleaning agent you are using approved to combat COVID-19?

Industry knowledge and expertise is especially important in today's office work environment. Janitorial cleaning companies should be aware of these concerns. Peace of mind is essential when addressing safety and environmental issues.


Communication and understanding are essential in any relationship with the cleaning business. Communicating with cleaning companies is never difficult, especially if you need their help.

Which communication channels can I use to contact you?

Do you offer 24/7 support?

What is the response time for service requests?

How do you handle emergencies? Do you offer a Rapid Response to emergency cleanings?

How does your janitors deal with problems encountered cleaning our property?

Your cleaning service should be able to respond quickly to your concerns and respond quickly to your inquiries. Lack of communication is all too common among professional cleaners, so make sure you find a company that meets your needs.


Needless to say, we expect and expect cost-effective services from our concierge services. The best way to ensure you get your money's worth is to ask what you are getting out of their service.

Can you provide a scope of work? Including the frequency of cleaning, the method of cleaning, and the cost of these services.

How do you calculate the cost of cleaning services?

How much time do you spend on site cleaning?

Whether your business requires daily, weekly or monthly cleaning, you need to be confident that your cleaning services will meet your expectations. If not, please contact Gulf South Janitorial. We're here to answer all of the above questions, and more.

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