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Deep Cleaning Services and

Spring Cleaning in Gulfport Mississippi

spring cleaning service gulfport



Has it been a while since your home has had professional cleaning services, or maybe it needs some extra elbow grease before the in-law’s weekend visit?

Gulf South Janitorial has your yearly deep or spring cleaning covered with our deep cleaning service.

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend valuable weekend time scrubbing floors and cleaning.

Weekends are for relaxing and spending time with family, and sitting by the pool. Not deep cleaning a whole house for 8 hours.

You work hard and deserve to leave the cleaning tasks to the professionals at Gulf South Janitorial and get that time back in your life.

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What’s in a Gulf South Janitorial Deep Clean

Many people have a different idea of what deep cleaning services entail. For us at Gulf South Janitorial, a deep cleaning is everything in the standard cleaning, plus we’ll spend extra time with the baseboards, dusting the blinds, wiping down doors, cleaning off the light switches, dusting the exterior of the AC vents, and wiping down the power outlets.

After doing everything included in the regular cleaning service, our goal is to spend extra time on items that only need cleaning every 6-12 months. These additional details are designed to get your business looking as good as possible. As stated before, another great name for our deep cleaning service could be spring cleaning.

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Why get a deep cleaning instead of a basic cleaning?

Once or twice a year, doing a more thorough deep cleaning like this becomes essential to keep the off fresh and clean or prepare the office for the changing seasons. This is why deep cleaning may sometimes be referred to as spring cleaning.


The deep cleaning focuses on working areas we need more time to address. These are areas where dust builds up over time but less quickly than flat surfaces like floors or countertops. These areas include places like baseboards, doors, and blinds.

What’s the difference between Deep Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, and Basic Cleaning?

Deep cleaning and spring cleaning are two terms often used interchangeably. The main difference between a deep clean and basic cleaning is the level of detail and focus.

Unlike deep cleaning, regular or basic cleaning, while offering a high-quality cleaning, skips certain time-consuming areas that don’t get dirty as quickly. For example, the basic cleaning doesn’t include cleaning the baseboards like the deep cleaning.

That said, the basic cleaning service should be used mainly for upkeep and maintenance between deep cleanings.

A deep cleaning service is a more thorough cleaning that pays more attention to the nooks and crannies that can get missed during regular cleaning.

This includes things like baseboards, windowsills, air vents, blinds, lighting fixtures, picture frames, and some extra elbow grease needed to get things like soap scum off bathroom fixtures.

Gulf South Janitorials Deep Cleaning Includes

  • All of the basic cleaning tasks in the standard cleaning
  • A dusting of the baseboards
  • Dusting blinds
  • Wiping down doors
  • A dusting of AC vents
  • Wipe down light switches
  • Wipe down power outlets
  • Ceiling fans, if requested, they’re easy to overlook when they’re running
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Hire a professional to do the cleaning for you

Work with one of the leading office cleaning companies on the Gulf Coast. Gulf South Janitorial is the right choice for a world-class cleaning experience and immediate and professional attention. Gulf South Janitorial has provided cleaning services to businesses in Gulfport, Biloxi, Bay St Louis, Wiggins, Hattiesburg, Mobile AL, Slidell La and Surrounding Areas

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