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We Are Trained Professionals With a Solid Work Ethic


Gulf South Janitorial can provide commercial cleaning services on a custom schedule to help keep dust and debris at bay throughout your place of work. In addition to standard cleaning, we can also provide deep cleaning, construction cleanup, window washing and carpet cleaning.

Gulf South Janitorial also provides green cleaning services, commercial floor cleaning, and other specialty services.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how Gulf South Janitorial of Gulfport can support the health and well-being of your employees, customers, and visitors. Call (228) 326-6368 or request a quote.

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We treat our employees like first class citizens and with the utmost respect. By doing this, that positive attitude is transferred to your staff because they are surrounded with happy people who love their jobs.



All lights are turned off or on as requested by the building manager. Our Innovative Cleaning System guarantees that all details are carefully followed, even putting the trashcan back exactly where it was found.



Ensuring that each area is being properly sanitized during every cleaning to provide the cleanest and safest environment for all employees.

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Gulf South Janitorial offers a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning services to Gulfport businesses across a range of industries. Because no two businesses are exactly the same, we will work with you to create a customized program that meets your precise needs regardless of the cleaning services & industries you are in.

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Office Cleaners You Can Trust

Choosing a cleaning company is a big decision and we know that. We don’t just clean, we build relationships. We know that when you hire us, you’re looking for a little peace of mind. We’re here to make your life easier and we want you to continue to allow us to do so.

Every one of our employees is carefully selected and screened before they are welcome to work for us and clean your office. It’s important that we believe in who we hire as much as you believe in us. To further build that trust, we’re fully insured which means the insurance company believes in us too. Just contact us and we’ll email over our proof of insurance including workers comp.

Commercial Cleaning for Gulfport Mississippi

No two offices are alike which means that your cleaning needs are unique. Trust the Gulfport cleaning experts to provide you with a customized cleaning experience that meets and exceeds every expectation.

Gulf South Janitorial offers complete and customizable cleaning solutions for almost every industry on the Gulf Coast. And since we know not every business operates during normal business hours, we’re available 24/7 to clean your workspace when it’s most convenient to you.

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