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Carpet Cleaning Gulfport

Gulf South Janitorial has been in business for many years now and during that time we have earned the trust of hundreds of customers. We are one of the most experienced carpet cleaners on the Gulf Coast and we always bring a high level of expertise, professionalism and dedication.

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When choosing Gulf South Janitorial you get:

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Things to know about Carpet Cleaning in Gulfport

Whether it’s hardwood, tile, or carpet our floors require a lot of maintenance and we all know the importance of keeping them clean. Vacuuming is a great way to pick up day-to-day dirt and dust from your carpets but there is a lot more to know about carpet cleaning if you want your floors truly fresh and sanitized.


And when you decide to hire professionals for your carpet cleaning needs in Gulfport there are few things you should expect from the cleaning:


Our carpets collect tons of dust, dirt, and bacteria. Everyday foot traffic, pets running around and minor spills can leave your carpeted floor with lots of spots and stains. Trying to tackle them yourself is not really a good decision, rubbing chemicals into the fibers of your carpet can actually make those stains permanent.

When having professional carpet cleaning done you should expect the technician to inspect all the soiled areas and pre-spray all stains and spots. This process will loosen up the dirt and grime and get your carpets ready for the cleaning.

Stain Removal

Every carpet cleaning company should be able to remove most of the stains during the cleaning process. Using the right solutions will ensure that even the most stubborn stains will lift up and get cleaned. With that said customers should know that some stains are permanent due to discoloration of the fabric and no amount of chemicals or solutions will fix that.

Odor Removal

This service is recommended for pet owners or anyone who is about to move into a new place and wants their carpets sanitized. Our pets bring tons of dirt and grime every time they walk into our homes with dirty paws.

Pet accidents are a frequent occurrence and everyone who has a pet knows that the odor does not go away that easy and when we eventually get used to it our house guests can definitely notice. That is why it is always a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned few times a year especially if you are a pet owner.

The Right Equipment

Not all carpet cleaning equipment is the same. Many companies in the Gulfport area use shampooing or encapsulation machines which are good for frequent maintenance, however, most carpet cleaning manufacturers recommend hot water extraction (aka steam cleaning) as the proper way to clean your carpets and maintain your warranty. At Gulf South Janitorial, we can accommodate whatever needs you may have.

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