The Best Office Cleaning and Janitorial Service in Wiggins Mississippi

In Wiggins, image is everything. Your office is the heart of your business. It represents the hard work you’ve invested to keep your customers and employees satisfied. We understand that every office is different. Not every client has the same needs and we tailor our cleaning packages to meet those needs. We are just as particular as you are. We’re here to listen.

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Experienced Cleaning Service

We all know that good help is hard to find. We pride ourselves on being the good help that you’ve been looking for. Our company has been in business for nearly a decade. During that decade we have helped many of our clients become satisfied customers. Making customers happy is how we’ve built the experience that makes us a Gulf Coast industry standard.

Focus on Your Work - Not on Cleaning

We’re here so you can spend your time focused on your business. We’re here to give you one less thing to think about. No time to itemize a list of what you need done? We can take care of that for you. We don’t just do a little dusting and call it “clean”. We have a number of cleaning packages from budget to deluxe. Each cleaning package itemizes each point of service. Just point to the package you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Gulf South Janitorial offers a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning services to Wiggins businesses across a range of industries. Because no two businesses are exactly the same, we will work with you to create a customized program that meets your precise needs regardless of the cleaning services & industries you are in.

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Office Cleaners You Can Trust

Choosing a cleaning company is a big decision and we know that. We don’t just clean, we build relationships. We know that when you hire us, you’re looking for a little peace of mind. We’re here to make your life easier and we want you to continue to allow us to do so.

Every one of our employees is carefully selected and screened before they are welcome to work for us and clean your office. It’s important that we believe in who we hire as much as you believe in us. To further build that trust, we’re fully insured which means the insurance company believes in us too. Just contact us and we’ll email over our proof of insurance including workers comp.

Flexible Janitorial Services

Your business is a busy place. We understand that not everyone’s work schedule is from nine to five. We take varying work schedules in to account. Thanks to our rock-solid reputation we have the employees on hand to accommodate your schedule no matter when it is.

Our hours are as flexible as yours are. We understand that schedules change, inventories happen and needs are variable. Things come up. When you hire us, you’re not locked in to any day of the week. We want you to know that we’re always listening. Our calendar is open to you and we will be there when you need us. Just let us know. We offer same day and emergency service as you need it. Call Gulf South Janitorial for all your office cleaning needs.

Environmentally Friendly Office Cleaning Products are Preferred and Available Upon Request


You can find several office cleaning companies in Wiggins and around the Coast, but our services are different for many reasons. We are one of the best names in Wiggins because we use environmentally friendly cleaning products.


By opting to use our office cleaning service, not only are you helping protect the environment from harmful chemicals, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you will have a clean environment. Our cleaning products also smell great, which can make your commercial space smell good and relaxing all the time.

The benefits of hiring an environmentally friendly cleaning company in Wiggins don’t stop there. Our sanitizing practices only use eco-friendly products that can improve the air quality of your commercial space, reducing the presence of germs and bacteria indoors.

Our eco-friendly products and janitorial services are gentle for the environment yet effective in cleaning any surfaces. We have been sanitizing countless commercial spaces throughout Wiggins, and we’re ready to provide the same high-quality service to you!

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